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Frequently Asked Questions - Assignments

  • How many assignments do I have to take in a semester?
  • Assignments are to be taken for every subject in every semester.
  • Do I need to pay any fee to attempt the assignment?
  • There is no fee to be paid to attempt the assignment in the normal/scheduled semester assignment cycle.
  • Do I need to take my assignments before the exams?
  • Yes, for exams registration it is mandatory to score minimum 10 marks (33% of 30) in assignment of each subject that the student wishes to take the examination.
  • How will I get my assignment questions?
  • The assignment questions will be available in the online assignment link in student's SIS Login within 15 days of the start of your PCP (Personal Contact Program) of the particular semesters.
  • What would be the mode of assignments?
  • The mode of the assignments will be online.
  • Do I need to go to the campus to take my assignments?
  • Assignments can be taken from any Location.
  • Is there any duration for taking the assignment?
  • Yes, student has to take the assignment online in 90 Min. Assignment instructions are updated in the Student’s Login for guiding the students. The student should go through the instructions prior to attempting the assignment.
  • What if I don’t clear my assignments?
  • Student has to reappear in the assignment when the next cycle opens.
  • Would there be any reappear fees?
  • Yes, student has to pay Rs. 500/- per subject if the assignment has not been attempted in the assigned semester schedule or has to re-appear to PASS the subject.
  • What is the minimum passing criterion for a particular subject?
  • The minimum passing marks per subject in the assignment is 10 marks (33 % of 30).
  • What types of questions are expected in an Assignment?
  • The questions are multiple choice. There are 40 to 60 questions including a case study.
  • When are the results declared for the assignment?
  • Correct numbers of answers are displayed on the screen immediately after the submission of the attempted assignments. The results will be declared within a week after the completion of assignment cycle.
  • Where can I check the results of the assignment?
  • The assignment results are declared in Student’s Login before the registration of exams. Statement of Marks gets updated with the assignment scores.
  • How can I reappear in my assignments?
  • Student can reappear in the assignments by submitting the reappear fee of Rs. 500/- per subject that student wishes to appear for. Fee has to be paid online.
  • Can I improve my assignment marks?
  • Student can submit an application to the Examination department ( for performance improvement before generation of Diploma. Once approval is received from IMT CDL, student can appear after paying reappear fee of Rs. 500/- per subject in the next assignment cycle.
    Please note marks of the last attempt will be considered in case of improvement attempt of the assignment.
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