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Prof. Arun Kohli

"I instill in my students the vital aspect of their chosen career in Marketing. The prime purpose of business is profit and profit won’t happen without marketing. Who will buy something they don’t think they need?"

Prof Arun Kohli is an economics graduate from university of Delhi and an MBA from IMT Ghaziabad. He has served in various senior positions in corporate sector for 30 years including an American MNC as a senior manager. He has traveled to many countries including USA, UK, Canada, France, Germany, China, Thiland, and other Asia Pacific countries for business development. He has been responsible for various collaborative agreements for the organization and set up many International and Rural marketing plans and product launches in India and abroad. He has also been responsible for setting up projects and units making them profit centres. He has been a visiting faculty for various institutions including IMT for last 19 years. Has completed a course on Core Competencies and Strategic Management from IIM Ahmedabad.

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