IMT Centre For Distance Learing Ghaziabad

Superannuation of Ms. Rasika Mathur

All IMT CDL family members gathered to bid adieu to Ms Rasika Mathur, Senior Manager-Corporate Relations on her superannuation on 29 Jan, 2021. Ms Raskia served IMT CDL for thirteen years. Our Director Prof. S R Musanna praised the contributions of Ms Rasika and stated that during her tenure she has depicted commitment and hard work to achieve the goals of organization. Honesty & Integrity are most important values which are integral to her. All the members shared their experience of working with her and wished happiness, wealth, peace and joy in her golden years of life. Ms. Rasika Mathur also expressed her heartfelt thankfulness to IMT CDL and all the co-workers. She shared that her journey at IMT CDL has been an important part of her professional career. She wished all the best to organization and all her colleagues.