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Those who succeed; do not believe in limits but believe in growth. They study until they understand. They don’t give up because it’s hard; they also don’t give up when they experience doubt. They just do not give up! They keep working hard even if they’ve been rejected and keep searching for new opportunities.

IMT CDL always encourages its learners not to limit themselves and never settle for less than their worth. You were not born with limitations; however, you developed them through your life experiences. Hence, you may always decide to create new beliefs. Beliefs to reach new possibilities in life; basis you are prepared to work for it. A belief that you can get whatever you want in life; only if you are prepared to ‘Learn’ what is required to get it. The only limits you have are the limits you believe. The only thing that ever stops you from reaching the sky is Yourself!

In this endeavor of unlimiting ourselves towards constant engagement with all our readers; IMT CDL introduces the seventh issue of its Newsletter, ‘SAMVAAD’.

We are always thankful to all of you for your ongoing contribution, assistance and information sharing in the journey of creating this Newsletter. In this Issue, Info Centre@IMT CDL section provides relevant information for our learners while Alumni Connect section highlights the achievements of our alumni. We hope, like our previous editions, this edition too generates interest and elicits more response from our readers.

We encourage you all to share your valuable contribution in the form of creative content, brief write-ups on current topics and achievements. These will be highlighted in the upcoming issues of our Newsletter. We welcome your valuable inputs, comments and feedback which may always be shared at:

May This Festive Season bring Vibrant Colors of Love & Faith to Life.
Let’s hope this harvest season brings the best for the world. Happy Baisakhi to all.

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What is new @ IMT CDL

Orientation Session for Jan 2021 Session

Orientation session for the Batch-A of Jan 2021 session was conducted in virtual mode from 12.00 noon to 1.30 pm on 14th March 2021. Dr Nidhi Mathur welcomed the learners and introduced them to IMT CDL and gave introduction of the Faculty Members. Thereafter she briefly described the structure of the programmes. Prof. Ravinder Kumar, Sr. Dean, IMT CDL gave an overview of distance learning to the students. Prof. Asif Zameer, Dean IMT CDL explained the expectations from a distance learner.Ms Shilpi Rhituparth explained the components of assessments. She also briefed upon the various student interface like SIS, LMS etc. Participants were inquisitive and the session was quite engaging.

The Session was attended by large number of learners. The link to access the Orientation sessions is:

Creation of Standard E-mail Id for Corporate Engagement

To standardize & streamline the communication process with our prospective students (B-2-B) sponsored through various organizations (corporate), we have created a new e-mail contact as

Workshop for Course Writers

At IMT CDL we are developing Self Learning Material (SLM) with best learning tools embedded with text to enrich the learning experience of our learners. These SLMs are authored by pool of expert course -writers. An online workshop for SLM course writers was conducted on 6th of March 2021 to familiarize the course writers with the nuances of SLM writing. The workshop was conducted online where Dr. Nidhi Mathur started with introduction of purpose of the workshop followed by an introduction of Dr. Ravindra Kumar to the attendees. Dr. Ravindra Kumar steered the workshop further and not only made the prospective course writers familiar with concept of SLM writing, but he also went ahead into fine details of SLM writing as an art. The workshop was attended online by 28 participants live and later the video link was shared by Dr. Vivek Singh Tomar with all course writers. Dr. Asif Zameer also addressed the participants and explained the expectations from the course writers for writing units as well as e-resources supporting the respective units. At the end of the workshop various questions were asked by the participants which were jointly responded by Dr. Ravindra Kumar and Dr. Asif Zameer. The workshop concluded with a vote of thanks delivered by Dr. Nidhi.

Info Centre @ IMT CDL

Project Result

The results for Project Reports submitted during November – December 2020, is compiled and released in the last week of March 2021. Students can check the updated score assigned to them on LMS. The result of project work will be integrated with the final scoresheet in the first week of April 2021.

31st March 2021 is the last date of synopsis submission for PGDM Students enrolled before July 2019.

7th April 2021 is the last date of Project Report submission for PGDM-Executive Students enrolled before July 2019. Synopsis submission link is open till 30th April 2021 for PGDM students enrolled in July 2019.

Comprehensive Viva Voce for PGCM programme

For successful completion of PGCM programme, students must clear a component of comprehensive Viva Voce within one month after the completion of 2nd Semester examinations. This will include the following stages:

Business case: The student needs to choose one area of his/her interest from any of the following domains – Marketing, Finance, Economics, Operations or HR/ OB. The student is required to present a real-life business case focusing on following points:

  • Introduction
  • Problem areas/Thrust areas
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Alternatives available with their Pros & Cons

The case will be evaluated by an expert faculty in that area.

This will be followed by a comprehensive viva aimed at assessing the learner’s overall assimilation of business management concepts and application in the chosen area of interest.

Removal of Dual Specialization

Option of dual specialization in PGDM programme has been replaced with certificate programmes with effect from January 2021 session, to comply with AICTE programme approvals. If a learner wants to specialize in an additional stream, then he/she can join the certificate programmes offered by IMT CDL in the area of interest.

Academic Initiatives

Faculty Research Seminar (FRS) Series

Faculty Research Seminar-VI (FRS-VI) was held on 10th March 2021. Dr. Priti Sharma presented the study on the “Evaluation of Performance of Equity Mutual Fund” The work was focused on the analysis that whether the fund managers of managed portfolios are able to generate the superior returns in comparison to the returns generated by the market. These superior returns are called alpha. Generation of alpha may be a major motivating factor for the investors to invest in the wealth enhancing investment avenue like mutual funds. The presentation also covered the aspect that the mutual fund returns are significantly impacted by market returns. The faculty members present in seminar appreciated the presentation from the perspective of research methodology applied and connecting the presentation with real life application.

Prof. Ravindra Kumar appreciated the effort made by the presenter to present a complicated topic in an effective and simplified manner. He also suggested that we should begin a course in the area of financial literacy as part of our curriculum after deliberations in FCM. FRS VI was completed with exchange of many views and ideas on importance of right investments. The discussion on Murphy’s law on investments by Dean Academics made everybody laugh and agree to the quite frequent phenomenon we come across that the moment we invest we see that the fund/stock/ gold etc. which was otherwise rising till the time suddenly starts falling. For the next FRS to be held in 1st week of April, Dr. Nidhi Mathur volunteered to present her work.

Our Faculty - Our Pride

Skill Development Programme

Prof. Asif Zameer, Dean-Academics, was invited to deliver an online session as an Expert Resource on the topic of ‘Essentials of Marketing Management” on 30.03.2021 by Haryana Institute of Public Administration in their training programme titled ‘Skill Development Programme on Entrepreneurship in Solar Energy’. This training programme has been organized under the Pradhan Mantri Sksham Yuva scheme. There were 21 budding entrepreneurs who took part in the session. They were highly appreciative of the insights provided to them.

Certificate of Achievement

Dr. Vivek Singh Tomar has been awarded with the certificate of achievement for successful completion of “The Fundamentals of Digital Marketing” certification exam from Google on 24th March 2021.

Alumni Connect

Role of Big Data Analytics-In Finance & Accounts

Article by Rajat Duggal,

PGDM- Finance & International Business, 2008 Batch

Regional Finance Head- Titan

The exploding digitization of activities both in B2B and B2C space has made available a huge amount of data for analysis from multiple sources in various forms. Big data analytics tool enables an account & finance professional to analyse such a huge data to gain in-depth insights for managerial decision making & better controls especially in relation to the revenue leakage.

What is Big Data Analytics(BDA)? BDA is nothing but to handle a huge data base & conduct analysis in a ho¬listic manner, combining the data from different sources like point of sale, stock data, credit card report etc.

Relevance of Big Data Analytics

  1. Risk Management – It plays as a tool to ensure the identification & management of probable risk through predictive & other analysis methods. It helps in assessing the controllable & uncontrollable risks involved in executing the various possible strategic options.
  2. Better Reporting- Big Data analytics contributes for better financial & integrated reporting, which leads to improvement in quality & accuracy of reporting.
  3. Improved Auditing & Controls – BDA plays a pivotal role in detection of revenue leakages & identification of transactional anomalies with the use of detailed reviews of various patterns & trends of big data.
  4. Decision Making- BDA helps in better formulation of organisation’s strategy, which involves, providing cost & revenue inputs for developing different financial forecast models under various assumptions, interpreta¬tion & analysis of the results.

Big data analytics tools provide a great opportunity to all finance & account professionals to access a huge amount of digital data available from various sources in both structured & unstructured format. In context of our company BDA could be used in various areas like OCG, Internal audit & generation of various relevant analysis for top management especially at regional & divisional level. Lastly to conclude BDA can be used to generate value for various stakeholders in our company.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the writer. They do not purport to reflect the opinions or views of the Institute or its employees.

Creative Side

A poem titled “JUSTICE-JUSTICE” penned down by our learner Harshdeep Singh- PGDMO Batch 2020. The poem highlights how imperfections in the justice system can lead to dire consequences


Tied in cuffs,

Waiting in jail,

The heart of the murderer

Cried for its bail.

He didn’t remember

For how long was he there.

Scars over his body,

Memories became scare.

What we sow,

That we reap.

Why didn’t they tried to know

The reality down deep?

The locket he had,

That of his wife.

For whom he was accused

Of taking her life.

Fingers rolled over;

Tears dropped on its glass.

His thoughts were pinching him

As dead winter grass.

The sun was ready by now

To overcome the dark night.

Outside the gloomy bars,

The waiting rope was in sight.

Brought by men,

Wearing color Khaki green.

To know what was the truth,

Nobody there was keen.

All were there to see

The end of the “Killer Gun”.

To witness the punishment of

What he had never done.

Still, he had no regret in his heart;

It was the end of his misery in jail.

And as the first ray enlightened the day,

His soul got its bail...

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this poetry are those of the writer. They do not purport to reflect the opinions or views of the Institute or its employees.

Initiatives under the Education Ministry

AICTE - SOP on Preventive measures to contain spread of COVID-19 in Higher Education

The SOPs were issued by Government of India, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare on 1st March 2021.

This SOP aim to enable safe resumption of teaching/ training activities in skill or entrepreneurship training institutions, higher educational institutions conducting doctoral courses and post graduate studies in techni¬cal & professional programs requiring laboratory /experimental work.

The SOP can be assessed through below link: neurshiptraininginstitutionshighereducationalinstitutions.pdf

Recent National Events

International Women’s Day 2021 (8th March 2021)

Celebrated on March 8 every year, this day is symbolic of the historic journey women around the world have taken to better their lives. It comes as a reminder that while a lot has been achieved, the journey is long, and a lot more needs to be done. More can be read about the International Women’s Day through below link:

International Women’s Day 2021

World Water Day (22nd March)

Water is the building block of life. Yet, all over the globe there are people who do not have access to clean, safe drinking water. March 22 is World Water Day, a day dedicated to drawing attention to the water related issues that humans in almost every country. Created by the United Nations, the goal of World Water Day is to bring aide to people who truly need it across borders. More can be read out about the importance of this day through below link:

World Water Day


Farewell of Prof. NM Mishra

IMT CDL fraternity gathered to bid adieu to Prof. Narendra Mohan Mishra, on 11th February 2021. Prof. NM Mishra served IMT CDL for 12+ years. Our Director Prof. S R Musanna praised his dedication, hard work and contributions towards the institute during this tenure and highlighted his commitment and involvement towards achieving the goals of the institute. His interpersonal skills, honesty & Integrity defined his core values, which have always been integral to his personality. All the members shared their memorable experiences with Prof. Mishra and wished him success, good health and happiness in his future endeavors. Prof. Mishra expressed his thankfulness and best wishes to IMT CDL and its employees to succeed further and achieve greater heights.
Glimpse of the moment

Certificate Distribution

Farewell of Mr. Parmanand

Our employee Mr. Parmanand served the organization for 32 years in the administration department and decided to retire to live his golden years in good health. All IMT CDL family members gathered to bid adieu to Mr. Parmanand, Office Executive. Our Director, Prof. S R Musanna praised the contributions of Mr. Parmanand and stated that during his tenure he has demonstrated commitment and hard work to achieve the goals of the institute. All the members shared their experience of working with him and wished him best of luck for his future. Mr. Parmanand also expressed his heartfelt thankfulness to IMT CDL and all the co-workers. He wished all the best to the organization and all his colleagues.
Glimpse of the moment

health camp

Medal for Airtel Delhi Half Marathon

Our Marketing Head, Mr Rakesh Kumar participated in Airtel Delhi Half Marathon 2020 on 28th November, 2020 in the Open 10 km race category and completed it successfully. He received medal for the successful completion of the marathon, last week from the organizers.

Airtel Delhi Half Marathon

Holi Celebration at IMT CDL

IMT CDL employees wished each other on the vibrant & colourful festival of Holi and enjoyed the sweet taste of Gujia. Any mass celebration was avoided in compliance to the COVID Guidelines. IMT CDL wishes all its readers colourful and blissful festive season!

Holi Celebration

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