IMT Centre For Distance Learing Ghaziabad

Student Zone

Student Information System (SIS)

Student Information System (SIS) is a platform which provides complete information solution to our students. In Distance Education the receipt of correct and timely information is of paramount importance. SIS is one-stop solution for all the information needs of IMT CDL’s learners. All the information related to Projects, Assignments, Examinations, Marksheets, Academic & Fee Record etc. is systematically available at SIS which can be accessed by the students by applying user specific login details.


Student Care Services (SCS)

The Student Support Services help students to clarify any concern or queries related to Admissions, Academics, Examinations, Books, Fee, Online Classes, Transportation, Student Information System (SIS), EduGenie (LMS), Transcripts, Diploma Certificate etc.  SCS has following advantages:

  • Faster resolution time of queries
  • Clearly Defined Grievances Escalation Process
  • Multiple ways to raise a query –Through Phone, e-Mail, Student Login in SIS and by Visiting our Campus Office at Ghaziabad.

Students can also raise queries at


Learning Management System (LMS) – EduGenie

IMT CDL has setup a world class Learning Management System (LMS) platform named as EduGenie which provides an exciting and immersive environment for learners anywhere, anytime. It allows the faculty full functionality to interact and collaborate with the students. The world class LMS platform of IMT CDL effectively creates learning environment through which students can get easy access to their Course Material, Learning Schedules, Recorded Lectures, Assessments, Feedback, Peer Learning and many more features that foster a community of continuous learning and improvement.


Online Learning Sessions (OLS)

IMT CDL enable learners to experience world class management education with the required ease.
IMT CDL uses award-winning web conferencing solutions for eLearning, web meetings, and webinars that delivers the richest user experience to help eLearning be more productive—online and on mobile devices.
Such online classes can be attended from any place across the globe using a reasonably good internet connection.  It includes various display panels (pods) and components to make learning more effective.  The online classroom lets attendees/students share computer screens or files, chat, broadcast audio, and video, and participate in interactive online activities.
IMT CDL also conducts OFFLINE classes (Traditional Classroom Learning). In a traditional classroom, students can directly share their views and clarify their queries with the teacher, thus getting their questions answered right away.
Online Learning Sessions are being conducted via Microsoft Teams application.

Click here to download Microsoft Teams app