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How to stay up to date with the transformation in Marketing strategies?

In keeping with the dynamic market trends, it is important that you, as a marketing executive or manager, stay abreast with the new technology that supplements the existing technology. Often, those working in modern business environments to not let go off existing, outdated strategies hence lose the competitive edge.

Today, every business is looking for new ways to market and promote itself in the changing world of Big Data and IoT. As a marketing strategist, it is your responsibility to provide meaningful inputs to your organisation You can only do that if you have the right exposure to the transformation happening in the development of marketing strategies.

So, if you are wondering how to stay up to date with the changes in marketing practices, we have a list of ‘things-to-do’ which you may find helpful.

Subscribe to Marketing Publications:

Believe it or not, reading about the technological and strategical transformation in the marketing world can take you a long way in your career. Since you are already working in a business environment, things like execution and innovation come naturally to you. Knowing the strategies that others are implementing successfully and customising them for your own organisation can help you professionally. Moreover, marketing publications and journals always have room for contribution – if you can share your thoughts on such platforms, it will surely establish your credentials in the community.

Join a Certified Training Course:

There are a large number of executives and managers who are working in professional capacities due to their business sense and acumen. However, the rapidly changing trends in marketing strategies may eventually begin restricting their scope of work. If you count yourself among these self-made men, perhaps it is time to reinvent yourself with a training course or certification from a reputed business institute.  In addition to   the knowledge that you stand to gain, it will also expand your skill set and re-orient your career in tandem with the changes happening in the business world.

You can opt for ‘study as you work’ programs like the PGDM and PGCM courses in marketing offered by business schools. A distance learning Executive course from a recognised institution can elevate your career prospects.

Follow Bloggers, or become one:

The internet is full of good content if you know where to look. Research a bit to know more about online marketing blogs that you can follow. Blogging platforms offer free and valuable information for internet literate professionals. If you think your experience and knowledge can help others, you can start a blog yourself. It will not only allow you to publish your work but also help in getting critical analysis of your theories. Moreover, blogging platforms are a great way to get in touch with other career professionals and stay updated with the latest news and knowhow of business strategies in your industry.

Get active on LinkedIn:

Staying active on professional social media channels like LinkedIn can give you rare insights into the changes that are happening around you. You can follow illustrious people from your field to know about their interests and use that for forecasting marketing trends.  You can join a professional group of experts for exchanging ideas and taking cue. In addition, the LinkedIn influencer program can help you get advice and recommendations from industry leaders.

Attend Trade Events:

Trade shows and corporate events are a great place to enhance your professional network and get in touch with your parallels from other organisations. It can help you gain insights into the present strategic management thought process of your particular industry and predict future moves. Trade shows and event exhibitions also allow you to sample the latest products and tools, allowing you to stay in touch with the new trends.

Concluding thoughts

All in all, success in the marketing world comes from staying ahead of the pack. Knowledge is the key to that success and the more you learn the more you will achieve. Persistent learning and a flexible approach will help you in devising marketing strategies that benefit both organisational and individual growth. So, do not hesitate to learn and experiment more.