Faculty Research Semnar (FRS) Series

The fourth in series (FRS 04/2021) was organized on 7 January, 2021. The event was attended by all faculty members, Dean and CEO. The seminar commenced at 3:00 pm with welcome and opening notes by Dr. Vivek Singh Tomar where he introduced and invited the session speaker Prof. Ravindra Kumar. The session speaker Prof. Ravindra Kumar introduced the attendees with the session topic, “Historical Influences on Indian Sculpture, Literature and Architecture”. The presentation took the audience back to the journey of history with a pictorial illustration of cave paintings, seals and symbols with chronological review of depiction of development of India with evidence of hunting, agriculture, trade, writing and art. The FRS 04/2021 concluded with the nomination of speaker for next FRS and Dr. NM Mishra volunteered for next FRS 05/2021 to be held on 04/02/2021.    

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